Vitamin C skin care – The challenge

Ascorbic Acid is frequently considered like a wrinkle fighter or perhaps an anti-aging agent. The primary purpose of ‘Vitamin C skin care’, in scientific terms, would be to boost the synthesis of bovine collagen (a structural protein that can be found in skin).  The extra advantage of ‘Vitamin C skin care’ relates to its capacity of countering toxins which damage your skin.

Vitamin C skin care

Ascorbic Acid skincare, however, faces a significant challenge today. This relates to the oxidation inclination of Ascorbic Acid skincare products. On pressing any oxidising agent (e.g. air), the Ascorbic Acid within the Ascorbic Acid skincare products,  will get oxidised thus making the Ascorbic Acid skin anti wrinkle cream useless (actually counter-effective). The oxidised Ascorbic Acid imparts a yellow-colored-brown colour towards the Ascorbic Acid skin anti wrinkle cream. This really is something you need to check before choosing a Ascorbic Acid skin anti wrinkle cream. Despite you purchase a Ascorbic Acid skin anti wrinkle cream, you have to store it correctly and checking that it is still best to use (i.e. it hasn’t achieved a yellow-colored-brown texture).

The makers of Ascorbic Acid skincare products have attempted to cope with this (oxidation) condition in multiple ways (and research on Ascorbic Acid skincare products is on top of a list). One particular approach to retaining effectiveness of Ascorbic Acid skincare products for any lengthy term would be to have a high concentration (say 10%) of Ascorbic Acid. However, this will make the Ascorbic Acid skincare products much more costly. The Ascorbic Acid skincare goods are already pretty affordable and which makes them much more costly will toss the product manufacturers bankrupt. Another way is by using Ascorbic Acid derivatives (like ascorbyl palmitate and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate). These aren't only more stable but additionally affordable.  Although the derivatives based goods are not competitive with the Ascorbic Acid skincare products, their stability against oxidation is an extremely desirable feature which makes them very attractive.  Furthermore, these are recognized to be less irritating too.

Speaking of effectiveness of Ascorbic Acid skincare products, it’s vital that you point out that not everybody reacts to Ascorbic Acid treatments. So it isn't a magic concoction by any means.  Should you not visit a noticeable improvement in the skin, it may be from your skin not answering Ascorbic Acid treatment (and also the Ascorbic Acid skincare products may not be to blame, whatsoever).

As increasing numbers of research continues, it's possible to only keep our fingers entered and wait for complete means to fix the difficulties faced by ‘Vitamin C skin care’ today.